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Why choose the name PROTOTYPE and what the meaning of the logo is an issue that people often raise. Prototype because all our products are studied and analyzed.
At PROTOTYPE we look for the delight of our customers and we like to surprise them. There are no impossible, only big challenges.


In the mid-1990s, the mutual taste of three friends for competition in go-carts, remote-controlled cars and slots set the challenge of perceiving the importance of dynamic and functional efficiency of mechanical elements when victory.
The entry into the world of bicycles is made in 2005 and since then we had the privileged contact with the components of the most eccentric brands of the market. Understanding that the limit was in the human imagination and in the way the materials are manipulated, the first PROTOTYPE wheel is born in 2009.


We test what we do!
Performance, efficiency and reliability are our basic work priorities. Although lightweight, and rigid PROTOTYPE products are laboratory-tested to the limit, as well as elite athletes who have won over 40 national and international titles.
One of the main objectives of PROTOTYPE is to provide the customer with an efficient after-sales service, seeking to provide technical solutions to enable practical and simple maintenance.
Our products have a reason to exist, because We know where we are and where we want to go.