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Radio Popular Boavista and Bike Clube de Portugal present at the GP of Beiras and Serra da Estrela 2018

It began in Mêda and finished in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, after having covered 177 kms, the 3rd Edition of the International Grand Prix of the Beiras and Serra da Estrela. This competition was another debut on the calendar of the new Liberty Seguros / Carglass Continental team. The peloton left at great speed, just outside the city of Mêda. And almost at the beginning of the stage, a group of 50 cyclists was formed, which ended up arriving isolated at the finish line in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo. At the front of the race, Domingos and Rodrigues were several isolates, being able to integrate the first group, composed by only 22 cyclists. In the goal, installed in Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Russian Dimitrii Srakhov of the Lokosphink team, was the winner of the first stage, wearing the yellow jersey.

The longest stage of the GP of Beiras and Serra da Estrela, was disputed this Friday, 193.9 kilometers, linked the Sabugal to Seia. In this second round of the competition, the Liberty Seguros / Carglass team was able to get closer to its real value. Venceslau Fernandes was the best member of the group, who finished the stage in the front group, where he was 45th. Caesar Source of the W52 / FC Porto team was the winner of the stage and also rose to the first position in the overall standings .

The third and final leg of the Beiras and Serra da Estrela Grand Prix, which took place on Sunday, underwent changes due to the snow on the top of the Tower and adverse weather forecasts, the journey stopped going up to the Tower, rising the Alto das Penhas Douradas. In this third stage of the competition, Venceslau Fernandes, was the best element of the set guided by Manuel Correia, finishing in 54th position. Mário Gonzalez from the Sporting-Tavira team, raised his arms in the goal set in the city of Guarda and Russian Dimitrii Starkhov (Lokosphink) won the 3rd edition of the Beiras and Serra da Estrela GP.

The Oliveirense team, next week to neighboring Spain, the competition to play is the Volta a Castilha Leon. The competition starts on April 20 in Alba de Tormes and ends on the 20th in Avila. This prestigious event will be another Liberty Seguros / Carglass team debut in a UCI class 2.1 competition.